Friday, 24 January 2014

An app that I would like right now: Little Hoots

The "Eye Looker" checked out her left red eye yesterday
I got the Little Hoots  introduction in my inbox, and was immediately excited to try it out!
It seems like such a great way to capture the things they say! Because we do forget!

It seems the app is only in the developing phase, and they are planning to launch it in April. They have a campaign running on Indiegogo, and hopefully they will reach their goal.

"LittleHoots is a mobile application designed for busy parents allowing them to capture, create, and archive all the fabulous things their kids say and do.
So what is LittleHoots?They help busy parents easily capture their memories and kid's quotes on-the-go. They also make your memories instantly beautiful and easy to keep forever. With your help, they can accelerate the development of the application so you can start easily keeping every word and every beautiful moment with your little ones. Life’s a hoot! Capture every moment.Your contribution will help them meet their $10,000 goal so they can launch in April 2014. Check out all the fun perks!"
                                                                     - Little Hoots on Indiegogo

Yesterday I had Little Missy's eye checked out at an ophthalmologist, because another child occidentally poked her in the eye. It stayed red and the teacher sent a note home as well.
It turns out she has a burst veinlet in the eye, but it will heal on its own.

Afterwards she told me that she visited the "Eye Looker" (Oogkyker in Afrikaans).

My Little Hoots could look like this. The photo with:


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