Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What makes pirates being afraid? - another Afrikaans app for the iPad

I found this cute adaptation of an Afrikaans book, "Waarvoor is seerowers bang?", as an application for the iPad.

Arrr! Everyone knows pirates aren’t afraid of anything! But when something on deck starts smelling worse than the breath of a hammerhead shark, Sanmarie suspects there might be one thing that makes her fearless pirate dad and his crew tremble in their dirty boots ... This hilarious, rip-roaring, rhyming pirate adventure by well-known children’s author Jaco Jacobs comes to life on your iPad – thanks to innovative animation, fun music and lots of interactive elements."
                                                                           - Waarvoor is seeerowers bang?

The story is written and narrated by Jaco Jacobs, with the illustrations by Chris Venter.
It was developed by Lapa and Full Circle cooperation.

There are three features available:

- Children can read the story by themselves.

- The story is read to them and they are able to interact with the animations on the screen. The animations include touch elements, flickering green arrows and an extra sidebar with extra character comments.

- There is also a puzzle game available.

This is definitely the small fee worth, especially since the hard copy is three times the price of the application.

I could not wait to hear what makes a pirate afraid!
Very cute!

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  1. I am not even telling my grandchildren what apps are out there. As it is...I always find new apps downloaded on my tablet after a visit from them.

    1. Little Missy also wants to download the whole time, but luckily my iPad's memory is at it's max ;-)

  2. What happened to reading the book and letting the story come alive in your head? I hope books with papers don't die because books are good for the imagination :^)

    1. The book as it is, is available in the first feature where children can read the book to themselves. On the iPad version you really get the whole deal (imagination) plus the interactivity in the other features!


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