Monday, 13 January 2014

Space Travel at the Johannesburg Planetarium

Johannesburg Planetarium 
I don't know why we haven't taken Little Missy before to the Planetarium in Johannesburg, because it is really worth it.

They have a Space Travel show for 5 - 8 year old's on at the moment, and we all loved it! The birthday children had to help to switch on the "machine", and off we went with Thomas the Astronomer in his giant rocker, first to the game reserve, then the moon, and then beyond!

Watching the stars - flat on her back on her chair 
They have a lovely library of space-related literature
to keep you busy before the show starts
They also cater for parties, and there are some love places under the trees to set up some chairs and a table with cake and goodies.

We will be coming back.
The admission prices are also very affordable!

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  1. What a stunning way to spend a day and teach the little ones the beauty of the wide expanses.


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