Sunday, 2 February 2014

She's got all the answers

These are some of the examples of the daily discussions in our house.
The 5-year old knows everything!

Little Missy: No, we don't have to do this page for the maths exercises!
Yes, this page is marked for homework.
No, the teacher said we should wait until class! (ON MELTDOWN LEVEL!)

When is the party?
In three sleeps time.
No, only two sleeps
No, it is three sleeps. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
No, only two sleeps. OKAY, MOM, OKAY!

Mom, how old is the boy?
He is 5!
No, he is 6.
He is 5!
HE IS 6!

Little Missy: This must be right!
No, it's not!
The teacher doesn't care!
Of course the teacher cares!

While watching a movie:
Little Missy: They are busy shooting up the moon! Why?
No, they are shooting the spaceship.
No Mom, they are shooting holes in the moon,
The spaceship is in front of the moon. They are shooting at the spaceship.
No, why are they shooting holes in the moon?

Little Missy counts to 50, but skips the 40s.
You skipped the 40s.
Little Missy: My teacher learns us to skip one.
You can't skip one.
Yes, we can!


  1. Sounds like you have your hands full, good luck!

  2. You should ask her what is the meaning of life? :^)

  3. I think girls are more "know it all" than boys if I look at my grandchildren. Leane is the bossy know it all and the boys are the "why" children.


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