Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Children's party at Granny's Garden

Little Missy was invited to a party at Granny's Garden.

It is the perfect venue for a party. They have inside and outside entertainment for the children. The entire house has been transformed into a children's paradise.

The indoor play area consists of a Sand Room, Computer Room, Dress up Room, Fantasy Room, Nintendo Wii, Beach Sand Room, Arts & Crafts and Pottery Painting.

Dress Up Room
Snow White

The outdoor play area has the following on offer: Zip Line Slide, Bike Track, Trampoline, Play House, Jungle Gym, Modular Play Area and swings.

The zip line slide was the most popular with every one sliding again and again...

Gif from Granny's Garden
The best of course was having a nice cup of coffee while other people were busy running around after the children...
Definitely a parent's paradise!


  1. That must be lovely. When I take my littlies I am always the one running after them :-P


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