Thursday, 20 February 2014

GR R is a bit of a bummer this year

Little Missy was extremely excited about reaching this milestone! Being in Grade R!
She couldn't wait, and thought that this would be the ultimate place to be...

She has a new teacher who does not give them hugs, and does not even acknowledge the parents when they come to drop the kids off in the class.
The little ones still need their hugs, and they want to feel welcome in the mornings...
She is also very strict, according to Little Missy.

I suggested to Little Missy that she goes on her own accord to give the teacher a hug, but she does not feel comfortable enough to do it.

She has been telling me frequently that she does not want to go to school. She would rather go with us to our workplaces! She also has a frequent stomach ache. Things that she did not say or feel the previous years.

They apparently also have to work very hard, and she was upset last week when she was sick and she could not go to school. She was going to miss out on the class work and the friends are going to laugh at her. (Her words)

Little Missy loved doing colourful pictures, but this year there was a bit of regression and we are not seeing the same bright pictures than we did last year. (The pictures are getting better, but it is still lacking that passion. Or is it a phase?)

I don't know how long I should wait before I go and talk to the school?
Maybe the teacher should be given a chance to find her feet? (It is her first year of teaching.)

How long should I wait?

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  1. Talk to the school soon. Problems like this tend to grow bigger in my experience rather then go away. Good luck.

  2. Sounds like that teacher belongs in math class in high school. You should not wait too long, talk to the school.

  3. I agree! Go and talk to the school, because a new teacher usually means new passion and an extreme love for children. Once, the get older they sometimes lose their passion. So, it's strange that she is new and doesn't show love towards the little ones. We also want to see progress in Mieka, not regress.

  4. Thanks for the advice. While writing this I realised as well that I can't wait for too long. We have decided that we will go to talk to the teacher first. Now to find the most diplomatic phrasing of words...

  5. Hi, I remember my first year of teaching was bad (dealing with difficult parents, and I wasn't good with discipline either). But then again I am a hugging person so I wouldn't have had this problem. I would also approach the teacher, say something like "I know its your first year, you are probably just trying to survive right now, but I just wanted to give you my support and my daughter wants to give you a hug!". If things don't get better you might have to change classes or schools.

  6. Do it immediately Karen. It never gets better. You would imagine that Grade R teachers would see teaching as a calling and know that the little ones still neex a lot of nurturing.


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