Friday, 14 February 2014

Ode to My Valentine!

A Valentine
that brings me flowers
and Ferrero Rocher's 
AND a Pandora charm

Who stays at home with a sick Little Missy
Who dresses her in her chosen Valentine's dress
(not an easy task)
and combs her hair
with her chosen hairstyle for the day

An ode goes out to you
who has brought us so much joy!
Who shows our daughters how a man should treat all girls and ladies
(You are making it a tough act to follow!‎)

We have ‎your masculine DIY skills on call
while enjoying your Masterchef (as Missy likes to say)‎ dishes
(It is true!)

Thank you
For YOU!

You are worthy a much longer ode with more 
Oomph than mine...

You are my lucky Valentine!

(Photo by The MM)

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  1. This post put a big smile on my face. I am so blessed too have a wonderful Valentine every day of the year.


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