Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sick day for Little Missy

Little Missy started out today with a fever. She complained about not feeling well at all.
That's when I decided to shove that guilty feeling and to stay at home with her.

I got a very early appointment with the doctor. It is all about our polluted air and the allergies giving the little ones' these infections...

After we had fetched the medicines and got new books at the library and I had read all three in one go, she slept for a couple of hours.

Tonight she was feeling better already!

I am so glad I took the day to help her get the rest she needed!


  1. Hope she is better very soon!

    1. Thanks Cat! Dad is doing his share today and staying at home!

  2. Hope she has recovered and that you will have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So sorry your little miss is sick! Hope she is better by now.Nicky has also been in a bad way with caughing and a runny nose. I just hope it ends soon because it so tough to deal with getting him to sleep when his nose is blocked, I have to get out the meds and spray and I feel like a torturer!


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