Monday, 10 February 2014

The joy of a library book

We took Little Missy to the library this weekend. That is one of the things we should have done much earlier.

We are buying more books, and are spending more times in book shops, but we should not forget about our local library!

We were surprised at the collection of books available for the little ones, and Little Missy could not make up her mind about which book to take for her first loan at the library.

We were only allowed one book (a concession from the friendly librarian) until her library subscription and card are ready. It takes about 5 days to complete.

We did not pay any fee. It is free, and even the Internet services are free at our local library.

We will be going back. I had so many good memories at my local library when I was small, and the eldest and me had a bi-weekly appointment at the library when she was small.

The joy of finding that perfect library book!


  1. It is wonderful that she has a love of books from a young age. I still love escaping into a good book.

  2. Awh, how wonderful. Our library is also still great


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