Monday, 13 February 2012

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier Giveaway

- Benjamin is great with kids! They can hug him and he loves sitting or lying next to them, especially when there is a rub involved.
- Benji is about 7-8 year old, so there is no more chewing of anything in the home.
- Benji is super cute!
- Benji is Mr. Cool! The bombs can explode, and he will prance around unperturbed!
- He only gives one or two barks, but never the incessant barking that can drive you mad.
- He loves walking on a leash. (His previous owner's daughter was a dog trainer.)

- Benji eats anything, but it's best to stay with dog pellets.
- You never have to search for him. You will always find him in the kitchen...
- Benji's tongue curls when he is tired. Isn't that super cute?

Giveaway rules:

1. You need to be a serious dog lover!
2. You will have to swore to only feed him his dog pellets, even if he looks at you with those eyes! (The rest only plays havoc with his stomach.)
3. You need to be able to give him his daily attention.
4. The small things in life do not bother you at all!
5. He would love a place in your bed. (But he is used to sleeping with the other dog outside...)
6. It is best if you do not have a patio outside, but only grass.
7. The person who who makes the most passionate plea for this dog in the comments section can have him.
8. For Free!!

It is rather urgent!
(His daily survival is not guaranteed judging by the name-calling going on here on a daily basis!)


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