Thursday, 9 February 2012

When does the worry stop?

I've heard that the worrying never stops when you have a child...

But I thought the worrying would decrease...

Especially when she is 18 and finished with school...

But when you hear a sobbing in your ear over the telephone, you are one bag of worry for the worse!

It has been a tough few weeks this year with the student and initiation.
Now it is classes and a new way of doing things far from home...
With an accusatory tone: "One day I would tell my children not to study too far from home!" (sigh)

ParentingWorrying never stops!


  1. The worrying really never stops Karen...I still worry about my two sons who are married with my grandchildren are added to my worries...

    Die goeie ding is dat ek hulle in die Vader se hande kan plaas en verseker wees dat Hy vir hulle nog liewer is as wat ek hulle het;-)


  2. Yup, it never stops. I see with my own Mother. She probably worries more nowadays. She has 7 grandchildren added to her family. A mothers work is never done! Not even when your kids are out the house.

    You are the only one who's shoulder is always available to cry on! Friends, Aunts, Sisters - they cannot take that place!

  3. Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. ~Leo Buscaglia

    It's quite hard not to worry when you have kids but don't let the worry take over your mind.

  4. Thinking about you, and her.

  5. Having a 4 yr old grand baby now, I can tell you the cycle starts all over again.
    The dreams, the fears, the fierce 'Momma Bear'.

    The hurts they suffer at different stages only serve to make they stronger. But it doesn't stop your heart from being ripped out of your chest.

    Sorry, sunshine, it. never. ends.
    She'll be ok at the end of the day, after all she has you in her corner, doesn't she. :-)


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