Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Who are you?

And what have you done with our three year old toddler?

A rhetorical question... I know!

But three-year old toddlers are exasperating.
The schizophrenia of the phase is really mind-blowing!

We see happiness, and screams of fun, interspersed with manic tantrum bursts of epic-fall-on-the-ground-loud-pitched-wails every five minutes! Or less!

It makes me question our parenting skills every single day!

Luckily there are the blogs reporting of same age characteristics...
(How did I do it the first time around? How could I forget this?)

Phew! It is great to know it is not only in this household!

"Are we breaking her spirit?"
"Are we giving her too much space?"

("This too will pass!""This too will pass!")

We still love our little devil angel!

(Photo on Saturday at Tiny Tumbles)

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  1. Wow...sy beweeg teen die spoed van lig.


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