Friday, 3 February 2012

Caitlin got her "soldiers" - stem cell therapy

Photo taken from The little train that can: Caitlin's story so far on FB
The story of a little girl named Caitlin has a happy endingbeginning. 

Caitlin has a wish of the use of normal arms and legs, the same as her twin sister. 

She was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, and it was the dream of her mother Michelle even before she could comprehend it herself to get stem cell therapy in Kiev. 
A ground breaking treatment that is not available here!

She received the treatment a month and half ago, and already she has more movement in her limbs, and it seems extremely promising. She started normal school with her sister this year!

In the words of mother Michelle from the Facebook page (The little train that can: Caitlin's story so far)

Her therapists noticed the differences immediately when we began working with her now in January.  They've remarked on how she adapts better with each session. She can throw now - something that was a truly difficult task before. Her hands are not as clenched as before and she keeps them in a normal, relaxed position more often than not now. Her posture has improved drastically.  She’s cutting with safety scissors and peeling litchis with ease. She could do neither before Kiev. She's raiding the fridge. She's fighting back. Before the treatment we mostly had grey days with peaks. Now we have good days and bad days. She can really put up a fight now if she doesn't want to do something and she's quick to take her walker and go off to her room for play time on her own. Her fantasy world is not as prevalent as before because (in the opinion of her mom) she's realised she's more capable here in the real world than she was before. Yes, she still makes up and tells wonderful stories, especially to her new friends, but she's here in the present now. Working here. Being amazing here. She's quick to tell me now to leave her be and that she can do things by herself. The fact that she's trying that hard to stake a claim on her independence confirms that things are changing here. We still have 8 months ahead of us before we know the full scale of this treatment's effect, but I know... I just know that things have improved so much and can only get better.
For the full account of the trip to Kiev on December 13 2011 and the progress so far, read it here.
Photos of the trip can be found here: Caitlin's wish...come true!

Thanks to all who have helped this dream come true! 

Michelle is still raising funds for the continued therapy. 

Soldier on, Caitlin! 

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  1. I am really exited for her :) I believe she will live a long life :)


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