Friday, 17 February 2012

A walk in the park

It's possible, even in Johannesburg!

We went to a nearby park we have always just passed by, and it turned out to be a great place for a Sunday afternoon walk.

I remember the excitement of going to a park in our childhood years... The swings and the open field of grass.... Pure joy!

The Wilgeheuwel Park turns out to be much nicer than my childhood parks we used to go.
I Googled it and apparently it was built in a day as part of an "Extreme Park Makeover" project to bring "new environmental zones to busy developments".

I would not go and swing my valuables, but it seems very safe, and the dogs had a great outing as well!

Joburg, I'm impressed!


  1. That is a great park...we have nothing of that kind here.

  2. O Woow! Thanks for sharing this, we usually go to Delta Park in the victory Park area which has a very nice play area for toddlers and bigger kids alike, but this park looks great too. Will definately give it a visit soon. Also just to say hi, havent been able to keep up with my fave blogs in a while cos my laptop died and my stupid phone doesn't allow me to scroll down my blogroll how dumb. anyhew, i am back and lovin it!


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