Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Relationships end

We wish we could spare our children from the heartache, and we wish we could take it away...

We can't, and we can only say we are sorry! For both parties!

We came to love the boyfriend just as much, and it is very very sad when you realize your relationship with a special person has also come to an end!

We know it will be better, and we know you will move on!
We have gone through it as well, and we know how much it must hurt right now!

Thinking of you both!!

(Sketch by Mieka of her parents on their wedding day ;-) )


  1. Oh how do we wish we can take the pain out of learning about life. All the best fro you all

  2. Relationships end because once the person got you they stop doing the things it took to get you....One day she will find another special person, even more special than the previous one.

  3. I love Mieka's art of your wedding ;-) I feel for your student and hope her heart mends soon.


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