Thursday, 28 February 2013

My wishes for my children

We as mothers have so many wishes for our children, but at this stage this is what my wishes are for my two daughters...

The prompt is again from the beautiful journal for my children by Dionna Ford of Code Name Mama.

My wishes for my children:

- I wish my children would be able to pursue their passions in life!
- I wish them healthy relationships with their friends and with a significant other.
- I wish them to enjoy their lives to the fullest, and to grab every opportunity coming their way.
- I wish that they would keep an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the "truth"
- I wish them to understand and to have compassion for another's point of view.
- I wish that they would expect the world to be good, and that the world would show up accordingly!
- I wish them to be happy and to have peace in their lives!
- I wish that they would recognise being treated badly in a relationship, and to know when to move on.
- I wish them lots of fun!
- I wish them lots of overseas travels!
- I wish that they would have much more material things than I ever had. (But that they would appreciate it, because they worked hard to get it.)
- I wish them smooth sailing! If the waves come crashing, that they would have inner strength and support structures to help them cope. (I also believe that we can't live a life well without having some sort of  obstacle to overcome.)
- I wish them love!

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  1. Just to be happy, balanced people - my biggest wish

  2. Very sweet :) I wish mine lots of overseas travels, too - and I wish I could go with them ;)

  3. Awesome wishes for your girls. I like the travel overseas ;-)


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