Thursday, 14 February 2013

We got ourselves a weekend with a Mo

The Twitter message that made him a #Movember winner

Especially for Valentine’s…

Last year we had a whole Movember of moustache, but it was worth it in the end.
Hubby won the Crowne Plaza Rosebank Hotel competition for the best/worst (?) Mo.

The competition was “tough”, as can be seen on the Crowne Plaza Pinterest board. (Hehe!)
But that does not take away the prize! A whole weekend in a hotel. He also got a whole stash of Gillette goodies. (It is going to take a while to work through it!)

We have fantasies of long dinners and a choice of movies at a cinema where the age of a four-year old won’t have to be considered!
Not that we don’t like going to the movies with our little one! But we have only seen Skyfall, for us, in the last few (6?) months!

On Valentiner's we usually say to each other that we won’t buy anything for each other, but in the end there are usually cards, and chocolates, and eating out. This year we are going to have at least two dinners and at least one leisurely breakfast over the weekend for Valentine’s! Not bad!

I got two bunches of flowers yesterday, of which one was immediately claimed by the Missy! Luckily I could convince her to keep it in the living area as well, and not in her room!

She was very happy this morning to go off with a little rose for her teacher!

Valentine's flower for my teacher!

I loved this article yesterday from Psychology Today about Sweethearts in training.
It gave me some insights in how to include our children in Valentine’s, and not only on the 14th of February.

What are you doing on Valentine’s?


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