Monday, 25 February 2013

The world according to Little Missy

An interview by Dad yielded the following insights from our Little Missy.
(We caught it on video, but it is a bit too long, and she pulls up her dress the whole time during the interview)

Dad: Mieka, how big is the earth?
M: Shows with hands *smiling* (see photo)
D: Is it round or square?
M: Round
Dad: What colour is it? Blue or green?
M: Blue
D: Is it water or land?
M: Water... land
D: Where do you stay? On earth?
M: Yes! On top of the world
D: Where do Dad & Mom stay?
M: With me
D: Where is the moon?
M: Up above
D: What colour is the moon?
M: Yellow
D: From what is the moon made of?
M: Light, and clouds
D: From what is the sun made of?
M: Yellow
D: Is the sun hot?
M: Yes!
D: Is the sun far or near the earth
M: Near the earth!
D: Can we walk on the sun?
M: Shakes head
D: Can we walk on the moon?
M: Shakes head.
D: Why not?
M: It is a bit slippery
D: Is it made of cheese?
M: Shakes head
D: Is there a man on the moon?
M: Yes. He wants to slide off.
D: Where does he want to slide to?
M: Off to the ground.
     He falls off the moon!
D: How does he go back to the moon?
M: With balloons.
D: How long does it take him to fly with the balloons?
M: Slowly. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9...
D: Very good! (Please leave your dress)


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