Monday, 18 February 2013

A weekend at the Crowne Plaza Rosebank

We got ourselves a weekend with a Mo, and we just loved it! (Of course!)

It was worth all of the moustache of Movember last year!

We still had to do the weekend run of tiny gymnastics, and had to pick up the student, AND had to worry about a broken-hearted student, but we had two evenings to ourselves! (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)

I felt like stepping out of the rat race, and just go into spoil mode! 
We loved the hotel and the d├ęcor and the friendly service, and going to the movies and dining out!
*Sigh* A weekend is way too short!

We would love to do this regularly! (Hint-hint, Universe!!)

Fresh Restaurant

Sparkling wine and a view! Perfect!

Deluxe Room

Swimming pool area

Circle Bar

The lobby

Interesting art work

I had to restrain myself not to Instagram every photo of the weekend, but I added some to the collection: Instagram

Hope you also had a good one?


  1. Oh who would not want to? Glad it was as great as I knew it would be. And what's up with the student? Boyfriend stuff?

  2. that is life. Your big girl ok?


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