Friday, 1 February 2013

Deluge of sketches

Nowadays we are getting a large flood of sketches e-v-e-r-y day by our 4-year old.
 The deluge are getting larger and larger...

We are also getting in lots of trouble if she finds one of the sketches still at home!
It should have been on our walls at work, already!
(I hope she forgets how much she gives us, because the space at work is limited.)

Dad gets twice as much of the craft than I do. She sometimes gives me a sketch, to minutes later changing her mind, and giving it to her dad as well.
(I don't know why? It also does not help to feign being sad about not getting as much pictures as her dad....)

I am so glad I have found the Artkive app, because I photograph it all, and I can share some of the sketches with the family as well.

They are doing self-image and body at school, and I presume that's why we are seeing so much of the stick figures and self-portraits.

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  1. Precious times. It is great that you can photograph it.

  2. Precious sketches - I photograph and chuck away


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