Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A stomach bug and the dreaded FEVER

We have been struggling for two days with our little toddler and a bad stomach bug. With it came the fever.
She has been cranky for the whole weekend, and on Monday the day care phoned to say that she had fever. We spent Sunday night struggling with it as well, but I thought she was better. We had her at the doctor on Monday afternoon, and she prescribed the necessary medication.
I hate fever, especially if it doesn’t comes down with medication. That’s what we’ve been doing today, trying to get the fever down: Giving suppositories, paracetamol, putting her in a cool bath, cooling her down with wet cloths and a fan. At five it started to work. She has been in our arms, and hanging on my breasts for the past two days… Apparently there is not much more that you can do for a fever!
Does anybody know of more remedies against fever? (Neurotic me even phoned the doctor again today, but we had to give it 24 hours…)
Sheweee! It has been rough!
I hope we get some sleep tonight!

(Photo: Mieka today when she felt a bit better)


  1. Its worse when they so little. My boy was 4 when we went through it with him and it was terrible but at least he could tell us how he was feeling. Good Luck, hope she gets better soon.

  2. Thanks, Tasneem. We are trying to keep her rom going to hopital.


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