Thursday, 4 February 2010

Our dear Education Department

Powerwoman on her soapbox: The standard of education in South Africa is atrocious.
I cringes regularly about not being able to put my daughter into a private school. The teen came to show a questionnaire they had to complete for the subject Life Orientation. The goal was to gauge their positivity and they had to get the highest score possible.

I am quoting a few of the pearls of wisdom (with the scores assigned to each answer):
Do you lock away value bills before you leave on holiday?
Always (1)
Sometimes (2)
Never (3)
If you were to loose your keys in the supermarket, will you get it back?
No (1)
I hope so (2)
Yes of course (3)
Would you trust an ex-convict?
I am not sure (2)
No (1)
Yes (3)
I you were to step on a nail do you think it will hurt your foot?
Yes (1)
No (3)
Not sure (2)
Do you save up money for the future?
Always (1)
Never considered doing it (3)
Yes a small amount (2)
Do you hope to win something in a lucky draw?
No (1)
Yes (3)
Not sure (2)
Do you think that a person should have a life assurance policy?
Yes (1)
No (2)
Yes, a small one (3)
Do you enter competitions where you can win prizes?
Often (3)
Never (1)
Now and then (2)

100-125 U are farley optimistic and has a warm and positive outlook on life. You no that life has its ups and downs but don’t expect bad things to happen to you.
Below 60 Why do you get out of bed You properly think that life is not worth living.”

I have quoted verbatim. The incompetent person/s that drew up the questionnaire did not even use a spell checker.
It could have been funny, but the joke is on us! Our children get sub-standard education from the Gauteng Education Department…


  1. It's real worrying to read! Just wondering what they can learn from this?
    Now why people send their kids to private and christian schools. South Africa needs to invest in education. South Africa's future is in good education!!

  2. Do you lock up "value bliss" ??? before going on holiday. Will it hurt if you step on a nail? If you say "no" - then you are positive in life? (Sounds to me you are pretty ignorant - not positive). Is this whereby we measure how postitive we are in SA? Will we trust a criminal? Yeah sure - o ok -you are one very positive (but stupid ) South African. This is shocking. Sounds like they are measuring stupidity and ignorance. Think you need to take it further. If Marinda gets this tes - I will.

  3. It is SHOCKING! The teacher could only shake her head about the stupidity. Where do you complain? At the Education Department? I heard a teacher lost her job about complaining about the sub-standard curriculum.


  5. Good lord, that is horrific. Now I am 100% sure that I am going to work myself to the bone, well past retirement age, just to put my child(ren) through private schooling ...


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