Thursday, 18 February 2010

Why is it so difficult for mothers to leave their babies in the care of other people?

This week I am in a bit of a depro. My Tuesday post was a dead give-away.
We are going on a weekend cruise on the Sinfonia (nogals!).My hubby made his targets at work. (Thanks, Hubby!)
It is an uplifting, wonderful opportunity to be going on a weekend cruise, traveling up the coastal waters of Mozambique. (Sic)
BUT, we have to leave Mieka for the weekend! AND I know she will be well taken care off by my parents. I hate leaving her!
This is the very first time at 14 months. Years back, I left Arnia for the first time at 2 years of age.
I am still breast feeding (luckily Mieka takes a bottle), and I will express a little bit on the ship. I hope it will be fine, because at 14 months breast feeding is supposed to be well-established! (Smile)
Why is it such a big thing to leave her overnight?
- Because I won’t see her this whole weekend (the only time we get to spend with her as working parents – week days don’t count; she’s tired in the evenings);
- I am scared she will miss us, especially at night without getting breast feeding;
- Worried that she will get sick;
- Worried that my parents will struggle with the sleeping (I pop her on the breast – they will have to make do with a bottle);
- We are going to miss her!!

I know we are going to enjoy it, eventually…
Do other parents also struggle to leave their little ones?
At what age does it get better?


  1. Such a pity you can't take the kids with!! Enjoy the cruise and she can't be in better care than with her grandparents. Go and enjoy it without feeling guilty. Who get to go on a paid cruise??

  2. You are absolutely correct! We are very lucky!

  3. Google translator: Courage
    Great share ~ bless you

  4. enjoy it. She will be fine. Perhaps there will be a silver lining to this all... perhaps she will sleep through when you get her back!!!

  5. enjoy the cruise! try not to worry too much, I think sometimes we need to go away from them, to realise that we can.

    If that makes any sense?!


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