Sunday, 7 February 2010

“A mother’s job is never finished”

Dries and I have a joke between us when we get busy with all the fun stuff that’s got to be done in the house. We say to each other: “A MOTHER'S job is never finished!”
My hubby is the true millennium husband, helping with everything. I have said before that I am the lucky fish! Years back when Dries was still at college, he went home for the weekends. His mother insisted that he bring his washing, but he usually organized for it to be cleaned or washed it himself. He never brought back the washing.
But she told him: “A mother’s job is never finished!” (Sic)
We use the expression especially when we are tired, and the washing and dishes and everything are piled up.
The photo: Dries took care of a monster nappy today. He continues to help with it! I hear of many dads who only help in the beginning with changing nappies… (Thanks, Dries!)
We had a wonderful weekend, again, at Magaliespark near Hartbeespoortdam. My Mom and Dad had their 44th wedding anniversary, and Dad has a birthday coming up this week. Congrats, you two!
Glorious, our South African sun!
We especially enjoyed Mieka with her new walking skills! When she saw me on Friday afternoon at the crèche, she got so excited that she walked in a circle not to lose her balance. Cute, cute!
We noticed tooth number 8’s appearance over the weekend. It explains the crankiness, the more-than-regular nappies and the refusal of food she usually enjoys! But she slept quite well over the weekend, but I do not want to say it too loud! Last weekend was the same, and then came the week with more-than-broken sleep… SShhh!

Too late, she woke up just now with a huge fever! (Dries is walking now with her...)
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  1. Shame man...this teething is so horrible for them :(
    Yes you are SUPER lucky to have such a great husband...I know of loads of fathers that won't do anything..never mind change nappies in the beginning, almost all my friends boyfriends and husbands don't really help at all, its ridiculous!


  2. It turned out to be the stomach bug, but maybe the tooth lowered her resistance...


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