Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The teen got into trouble because of the toddler

Funny anecdote: The teen got into trouble at school because of the toddler. We had forgotten some of her toys at friends, and Arnia got it from them to bring back home. She put it in her back pack. One of the toys is a plastic cell phone. During math class, a cell phone started to ring.
The Chinese lady’s voice on the phone says: “Information, how may I help you?”
The math teacher is famous for her no tolerance of cell phones in class. She got furious, and Arnia had to confess it is her sister’s toy cell phone.
The teacher said: “I do not believe you!”
Arnia had to take it out and show it to her. Her class mates laughed their heads off, and asked if she is playing with her sister’s toys now. To which Arnia replied: “Yes, off course I do!”
(Ronel's photo)


  1. O dear. Will take her a while to live that one down!

  2. How did the cellphone start ringing? Hope she was not too embaressed and rather had a good laugh.

  3. The buttons of the phone were squashed in her bag. Luckily she was not embarrassed!

  4. O I know that cell phone all too well LOL!


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