Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The ultra-cool Moms vs. Moms who has lost their edge(s)

The Moms with the hair and the make-up and the clothes and nails. Skinny, off course! With small month(s)-old babies in their arms. Definitely gag-worthy for moms who still struggle to get off their post-pregnancy weight (even a year/s after the baby was born)!
I am talking about myself, off course! It feels I am not yet on top of getting back to ME. Being a working mom, sleep deprived and 24/7 attention required by our little one; I am lacking my own attention to me. Also ME-time! (Time for reading and reading.... Perfect! Eyes glaze over by only thinking about it.)
My hair does not get coloured as regularly as I want it to. My nails do not get painted as much as I want to (if ever). When I do have some off-time; that’s exactly what I do! I switch to “off” and sleep!! Also struggling with the weight; it is easier to grab something fast than making the effort to put together a healthy meal.
It feels that it’s taking a longer than longest time to return (to me).
Boo hoo! Get over yourself, Karen! You know that it will get better again. I hope? I have done it before, but can’t remember that it took as long as this time around.
Does it take longer to get back to myself because I am older, or do younger moms feel as if they have lost their edge as well? I would really like to get some feedback from other moms.
(Photo: Sunday: The hair was coloured the same morning, with my two.)


  1. I have a Rock Star Blogger Award for you on my blog...come pop in and "pick" it up :D

  2. I know this is an old post of yours, but I have just found your lovely blog and I also felt (back then) like I would never ever get back to being ME. Now my little one is turning five (yikes) and things seem so normal. Life is back. This post just reminded me of those early times and feeling like you did back then.

    1. Hi Louise Thanks for this! More than four years later, and I have gotten a little bit of ME back since then! ;-) But I think we are never the same than we were before! It does not bother me so much any more, I must add!


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