Friday, 5 February 2010

The toddler is officially a walker

One of the biggest milestones has been reached: The toddler is walking! The day care has been telling us every day that she is walking further and further (from last week)! One of those awful irritations when you have to work! You don’t get to experience the first FIRSTS…
She has been doing the three steps for nearly a month, but now she is standing on her own, and WALKING! We can’t get enough of it, cheering her on with each step! Very cute!
She is thirteen and a half months old!
She skipped the crawling altogether. There are consequences because of it. (The worrying was not neurotic, after all!)
The crab creeping did not do the job. There is a lady who comes in to massage the babies at day care. (The lucky little fish! I am in my forties, and can only count on one hand how many times I had a massage. Now my little one is getting a weekly massage (which I am paying for)). Apparently Mieka’s neck is not stiff enough! When she is pulled upright by her hands, her head still hangs to the back.
I have to find ways of addressing this.
Do you have any ideas, or know of places where to search for information when a baby skipped the laying on the tummy and the crawling? (What if there are even bigger consequences later on when we don’t address it now?)
The little tortoise is walking! We are so proud!
(Photo: Gys Oosthuizen)
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  1. Know she will have a fun weekend walking around at Magaliespark! Enjoy her walking and grandfather's back will also be resting, if he don't have to hold her hands anymore. Too cute!!

  2. O wow congrats thats great!

    As for the not crawling an OT I can advise you can play tummy games with her to strengthen her neck. u know like aerolplanes where she lies on your legs and u lift her while u on ur back? You know there are lotsa things u can do. Also letting her climb things like at those indoor play places or at the park... theres a website called i think? maybe check it out to see if u get any answers. but i wouldn't worry if i were u!

  3. Hi Karen, geluk met die milestone...

    i.v.m. die kruip - dit kan haar syferkundigheid beinvloed. Lara het nie baie gekruip nie en hulle het by die skool in Gr 2 gevra of sy gekruip het as baba. Tog doen sy uitstekend op skool. Hulle het by die skool 'n KDA program, Lara het Gimnastiek begin doen en wel, wat ookal die probleem was, lyk my is uitgesorteer. Sy het wel 'n bril gekry, probleem gehad met diepte skatting asook spanning in oog wat moontlik kon volg van die spiertonus wat as baba nie ten volle ontwikkel het nie. Al raad wat ek jou kan gee is dat julle baie kruip speletjies moet speel met haar, maar dit klink of sy in 'n agtermekaar kleuterskool is, hulle het oulike programme. Sterkte, ek glo alles sal reg uitwerk. Liefde vir almal...

  4. Thanks Tasneem and Sanet for the great advice!


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