Monday 22 February 2010

Seriously, I am not used to this! A weekend cruise on a ship

We had a seriously luxurious weekend on board the MSC Sinfonia. We were spoiled to the teeth, or actually through our teeth. The food was fantastic!
We are planning our next trip already, but this time with the kids… I missed them terribly!
Especially with all the activities and stuff going on for kids on the ship! They would have loved it! (We were telling each other how much the children would have enjoyed the swimming pools! Or the teen the disco! The other kids on the ship…)
The Sinfonia is a well-oiled machine, and we marveled at how well everything worked! But I don’t know when the crew members sleep. We saw them from early in the morning, until 12 at night. A-ma-zing!
Thanks Dries and company – we had a great time!

It was the best to see my little one and the teen last night. Apparently the toddler was a very good baby for the whole weekend, but on Sunday morning she woke up at 2 am, screaming! My mom and dad spent two hours to get her to sleep again. She did not want to drink the bottle. We think she missed us, and probably the breast.
She gave us a look – “Where did you disappear to?”, when she saw us.
But she slept through the night again last night. I got up a couple of times to check on her. She was peacefully sleeping in her bed again.
It was just Mommy missing her still…
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  1. Sounds like an incredible experience! We just want to see more photo's and hear more of cruising.


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