Monday, 15 February 2010

Surfacing after a week of the stomach bug

It has been a rough week with the stomach bug. It is only yesterday that we got some sense back of reality.
We are thoroughly fed up with viruses.
It got to a point where I wanted to close Mieka’s room after a monster nappy, never to open it up again... I’m sure every mother/father knows what I am talking about? Poop story deluxe! (But I am not going to expand on it. Too gross!)
Mieka is going back to day care, and I am back at work!
I am actually looking forward to it today! (Guilty smile)
(I’m sure only until lunchtime today... then I am going to miss her terribly after the 24/7 week)
(Photo: Mieka did not want to let go of Arnia's bear that she got from the BF for Valentine's Day)
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  1. I'm happy that Mieka's feeling better... and yes I know what u mean with the poop story!


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