Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What colour is Tuesday? Deep purple for sick

Blogland is full of it. Complaints of feeling overwhelmed, and feeling under the weather! It is this time of the year! It is between seasons; not yet spring, and we are “sick” (literally and figuratively) of IT.

I dragged myself to the doctor today. Why is it that we have no problem taking our kids to the doctor, but we neglect ourselves? If I don’t feel that I can’t get up, I don’t feel I am “worthy” to take myself to the doctor! But Dries has been nagging me for a couple of days. I think it is this cough that sounds like a fake cough. You can’t help to cough the irritating cough every couple of minutes! You are an even bigger irritation to yourself!

I got my antibiotics, and was planning to go to the office from there. The doctor stopped me. She says we have something – she thinks it is a South African thing – that thinks we can’t be sick. She sees it when people come back with more severe strains. One of the main reasons is that people do not get enough bed rest when sick.

She booked me off for two days! Now I just have to get over my guilty self...

Self-talk: I have not been sick for nearly two years. The work does not revolve around me. Luckily! I need to get better for the sake of Mieka who is still breastfeeding. She is also not yet 100% after I took her to the doctor on Friday.

Now off to bed! SLEEP! (Yay, that neglected thing!) Sometimes there are some blessings, even in being sick! I get permission to sleep!

What colour is your Tuesday? Mine is purple, for being under the weather, but getting to stay in bed.


  1. I think that why Blogland is so full of complaints and people being sick this time of year, have also to do with the fact that people are getting tired and need some leave. At least that is how I feel like.

  2. That's great. Sleep is essential! And especially for those (I hate the expression but, people would call me that when my lil on was a baby)Mature Moms. Everyone who decides to have a baby after 35="A Mature Mom"?Lol
    Hope you feel better soon! I'm sure you will.

  3. Yeah! And enjoy the rest.

  4. Get well soon Karen. I am pretty sure work will still be there when you get there;=D


  5. Oh yippee! 2 days in bed. How wonderful. Now don't keep toddler at home with you see?


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