Sunday, 8 August 2010

Looong weekend

We have an extra day to look forward to this weekend. Tomorrow is National Women’s Day here in South Africa. How fantastic to sit here on a Sunday night and know that we have a “free” Monday! (Huge smile!)

What wonderful weather we have now! Summer is definitely around the corner!

Tiny Tumbles on Saturday

Mieka was full of beans again at the tiny gymnastic classes. The cold of the previous week a thing of the past, when she was not her usual enthusiastic self. She tumbled and climbed and crawled! Great fun!


We started to soak up the sun at Church already...

Ngwenya Glass Village

We spend a lovely afternoon at Ngwenya Glass Village. It is a very fun place to take the kids as well! It was great to sit outdoors. They have a lovely restaurant, as well as a Gilroy pub/restaurant on the premises. There are crafty shops to browse through, and you can buy beautiful glass ware from the glass factory. You can even watch them blow the glass. Mieka loved the kiddies’ play area.

Monster mosquito

I heard a mosquito last night in our room when I was lying next to Mieka. I immediately put on some anti-mosquito cream. We saw the mosquito later and Dries wacked it. It was full of blood! What is it doing around here at this time of the year? It is winter, and very dry. Mieka had two bites on her cheek this morning. It got more swollen as the day progressed. Looking at the red bumps, it seems it must have been a monster mosquito!


I have been searching for boots since the beginning of winter. I actually had my eyes on some Ginger Mary boots at Truworths, but never got them in my size. I found these boots on Saturday, and love it! Mieka loves it as well...


  1. Lovely post Karen. I also loved the idea of an extra day to relax.

    Beautiful photos, I can see how much you enjoyed your day.

  2. Aw, look at her - little gymnast!


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