Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday sun and girl’s play

We had another glorious sunny day here in South Africa. Braai (barbeque) and soaking up the sun! Glorious!

The grandparents James & Leonora
Arnia with the dog
We had such a lovely time with the toddler. We miss a lot with us going to work and she going to day care. We don’t always see her in her best of moods, and with what and how she occupies her time. When I pick her up at day care after four, she is usually tired and hungry, and mostly in complaining mode... (The gripe of the working mom! Little whine!)

The toddler loves playing with her dolls. It is amazing how much girls and boys differ with the toys they choose to play with. She spends hours walking around with her dolls. Dressing them. Swaddling them. Pushing them in her toy stroller. Even feeding them her own food, or giving them her bottle. It is precious to watch! The repetitive mode is on, and she does it without getting tired.

It makes me realise how much moms practise to be moms.

No wonder that we are slightly better at it! (Wink smile!)


  1. Cute post! Funny enough, my princess is not a "doll" girl - have never been.

  2. Moes saam met my seuns karretjies speel ... sou baie graag 'n ou dogtertjie wou gehad het. Geniet die prinses van jou :)

  3. Sometimes I believe children are conditioned to play with certain things...and sometimes I am amazed at how easily they fill the roll of their gender.


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