Friday, 13 August 2010

Blog BDay

Blog Birthday. Can you believe it? This little bloggie is a year old today!
How has she grown?

From this:
To this:

When reading my first blog post about Mom blogging and the reason for putting down my memories of the precious time spent with our little baby, I know that I have succeeded. It has surpassed my own expectations! She became a toddler already in his time. I have “proof” of all her baby- and toddler cuteness.

The Baby Diary book has not been completed. Who has a completed baby diary with all the photos? (Please let me know it’s not only me.) BUT, I have a virtual record of all her milestones. How great is that to be able to go back and read about it! (I am planning to make a Blog2Print from it.)

The highs: She’s got a tooth! The lows: She’s not sleeping well! The highs: She’s walking! The lows: she’s sick! It’s all here... A year of living baby-rously! (Pardon, but I like the pun.)

The best: I got to know a great number of wonderful blog friends along the way. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my posts, and all the advice. Thanks for reading! That is something I did not expect. How I look forward to each and every comment on a blog post.

What I also did not expect is to have found so many wonderful wise normal abnormal funny wicked people who also put their lives into words. And to find that deep down we are all the same. We have all the same fears and the same expectations and we struggle with the same things! And the more transparent we are in our lives (virtual and real), the more we connect with each other.

Hubby just said that I’ve got two “babies” now. Our real baby and this blog! Maybe he is right? I get withdrawal symptoms when I am not able to post a blog on a regular basis. Nothing gives a kicker than posting the most recent blog post.

So, here goes... *Publish post* (Huge smile!)


  1. Happy year-aversary! Look at that little cherub, she is a gorgeous representation of your blog growing up. I look forward to catching the next year ahead.

  2. Happy blogiversay to you! Great to have met you.

  3. Great to have met you, as well, Cat! :D
    Also you, Maxabella! :D

  4. Happy blogversary :) I'm glad you started blogging as I love visiting and finding out what you are up to :) and how cute are those before and after photos :)

  5. Hi. Happy Blogaversary. I'm following you now through 40 & over Friday follow. I'm 40 & have a 3 year old daughter.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Number One! ~hehe~ What a cutie! Also, HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! Love saying that! I had mine in June. Sort of give you some kind of accomplishment doesn't it? Have a great weekend. Following you.

  7. Awesome! Blogging is truly a gift we give ourselves.

  8. Whoo Hoo! Happy blogaversary
    Your princess & your blog are gorgeous, I am very happy to meet you!

  9. Congratulations on the Blogversary! Hope the teething is going to go quick and not be too painful! (Ahh, I know; wishful thinking!) Its been wonderful to get to know you too!

  10. Thanks for all the wishes! Appreciate it! :D

    I only realised afterwards it is "Friday the 13th!"
    Exremely lucky date! ;-)


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