Thursday, 1 December 2016

Festive season wishes at Toy Kingdom do come true!

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Toy Kingdom Festive Season wishlist
Kalvin Kodzwa, Little Miss with Zoomer Kitty and Dad

Little Miss has been wishing for Zoomer Kitty since last Christmas. Every time we went to Toy Kingdom, we had to search for it on the shelve. It was unavailable for quite a while. We also had to ask each time at the counter on her request about Zoomer Kitty and ask them to order it!

When we got the opportunity two weeks back to select toys from Toy Kingdom's Festive Wishlist, it was super easy! The Hasbro Furby, as well as Zoomer Meowzies and Zoomer Chimp from Just Fun Toys are on the list, but Little Miss still wanted the Zoomer Kitty. Luckily Zoomer Kitty is in stock again!

We checked out some of the toys on the list. (The list is included below).  Kalvin Kodzwa at Toy Kingdom Sandton was super helpful. The choices are stunning!
Furby Connect #TKFestiveWishlist
Choices! Choices!

Hot Wheels Lego


Build a Bear
(Marked for next time!)


She stayed with her first choice and Little Miss got her Zoomer Kitty! The whole MomAgain@40 clan is allergic to cats, and this is the nearest we will be with having a cat in the house!

I am super impressed with some of the things Zoomer Kitty does, and has caught myself speaking to it! But unfortunately it does not recognise voice commands! (*Stupid blush*) It feels like we have an extra being in the house!
Part of the fun - opening a toy

Thanks Toy Kingdom!

If you are stuck with all the amazing choices of toys this festive season, Toy Kingdom has made a Festive Season gift guide (see below) available in store OR even better yet; Get a Toy Kingdom gift card!