Thursday, 19 August 2010

Not making the cut

Ballito Bay June 2010
I asked my teen to write her own account of the recent disappointment in her life. This is her own version.

I tried to prepare myself for that day. I said that I would like to focus on my schoolwork next year and not to have any big responsibilities, but yet when they called out the names of the new SRC (Student Representative Council) and my name wasn’t one of them, it felt as if my world came crashing down all around me.

My friends and I sat together when the principal called out the names. One for one my friends’ and bf’s names got called out, except mine.

I have always been involved in activities at school and I am a good student. I am an extrovert and love going out with friends.

The day after the SRC was announced, me and two other girls got called into the personnel office and said that they really hoped that we would be part of the SRC. They said that they thought we were a ‘done deal’ of getting into the SRC. They told me I was only two votes short. It really helped with the pain (sarcastic snort). What made it worse was that kids asked me why I wasn’t at the SRC meeting?

The SRC is only chosen by the Grade 11’s; teachers have no say in the matter. It also upset me to see girls on the SRC who uses drugs and drinks every weekend.

I am over the pain, because I know I can still make a difference in the school without that badge. I can also focus on my schoolwork next year.

On the bright side I still get to go to the SRC ball with my boyfriend!

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  1. Your teen has a lot of wisdom...and already know how to work through disappointment...that is very mature. You have done well in raising her.

  2. Arnia, you are a stunning young woman - always remember that.

  3. She seems like a wonderful child. Coping with disappointment is really tough ((hugs)) to her

  4. your daughter seems very strong. I like that she wrote that.


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