Sunday, 22 August 2010

The toddler is 20 months

The months are rolling by with the toddler! 20 months!

It is such a fun age:

She understands us. Every little task we give her, she is able to do! I love that we are able to get some communication going.

But sometimes she gives us a big IGNORE. When we ask her to tidy up, or put back something, she will continue as if not hearing us... (We know she knows that we know, but she is still able to play her little game!)

She is getting difficult! I think they call it the “Terrible Two’s” or just plain “Tantrums”. Missy wants to do what Missy wants to do, and she gets stomping feet upset when she don’t get it her way.

I think we are beginning to see the beginning of potty “readiness”. She sometimes tells us there is a “pooh”, or she starts pulling down her pants. She has an extreme fascination with the toilet, but do not want to be put on it at this stage. She has a small potty that she spends hours playing with. I see that we are going to have to exercise extreme PATIENCE with regards the potty training thing, and that you cannot force her to do anything she is not ready for...

At day care she has developed a very strong bond with Cindy, one of the assistants, and cry after her when she moves out of her sight. She even sits on the chair in front of the door when Cindy goes to the toilet. She has been crying more and more mornings when I leave her at day care. It leaves me with a feeling of uneasiness for the rest of the day. But it helps to know that she has someone specific to go to...

It is getting more and more difficult to go shopping with the toddler. Dries took her with him today when he went to shop at our local Look & Listen (music shop). He phoned the teen and me to tell us that he is bringing her to us in the mall. He was not able to complete his shopping expedition with her wanting to get out of the stroller, and complaining... It takes two of us to keep an eye on her and to shop! Going to a restaurant also takes creative skills to keep her occupied. I have to take extra titbits of food and crayons and toys to keep her seated at the table! Which does not last for very long...

We love our little girl more and more! We marvel at the wonderful unique being in our lives. She takes up all our time and our ENERGY, but we love being with her! We know it is not going to last...

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  1. Some kids go through a stage of separation anxiety at age 2 / 3 years of age. Crying terribly when their parents leave them at school even though they use to stay there happily previously. It must be extremely hard for you!! Poor thing!

  2. So you are getting to the stage we are at - only the Spur or somewhere with play equipment. Thanks for the Von Gaalen idea - did it yesterday -was great fun.

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting-on the commercial-I can relate to your blog soooo much. I've got 18 and 7 year old. but, seems like yesterday that 7 year old was 2/the other one was 13!

  4. She is so lovely. I just adore this age as they grow from babies into little humans. They are full of fun and curiousity and so proud of themselves and their massive accomplishments. Enjoy!

  5. She is at the age where she needs to test her boundaries. That too passes.


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