Friday, 20 August 2010

A day in the working mom

Wednesday 18-8-2010
A day in the life – Cat at Juggling Act of Life has done it, as well as Laura at Harassed Mom.

2:00 (bit foggy about the time) Mieka cries. I fetch her and bring her to our bed. Put her on the breast. I feel that she is burning hot from fever and gets up to put in a suppository. Dries fetches a damp cloth to put on her forehead. She tosses and turns until about 3 when the fever breaks.

5:00 Alarms go off. I switch mine off, and gets back into bed. (Mieka is still in bed with us). Dries switches his alarm off, and gets back into bed.

5:20 Dries gets up and shower.

5.35 Dries goes downstairs to start with breakfast and the lunch boxes. I snuggle a little bit closer with my sleeping toddler (no fever) next to me.

5:45 I get up and get dressed. Make-up as well.

5:57 Take out clothes that needs to be ironed.

6:00 I pick up the sleeping toddler and put on her clothes which I have selected the previous night. She sleeps through everything, even while combing her hair.

6:07 Go downstairs, and sits with her for a while on the breast.

6:15 I place the sleeping toddler in Dries’s arms. I collect all my stuff (lunch box and Mieka’s bag, with her bottles that has been prepared by Dries). I put my breakfast – boiled egg on toast (aka Dries) – on the front seat. I make sure that food and key is in place for the cleaning lady coming in for the week.

6:20 Dries places the sleeping toddler in her car seat. (Dries and the teen leaves a little bit later and he drops her off at her school).

6:30 I drop the sleeping toddler off at the crèche. I have to place her in another person’s arms and she cries. I have to leave her...

6:35 Sit in traffic and eat my breakfast and drink my morning herbal tea.

7:20 Arrive in the office. Start checking my emails, and check some blogs.

7:45 Drink coffee with colleagues.

8:10 Work!

12:30 Drive to school to fetch the teen. The school closes at 13:00 because they have an Open Day for next year’s grade 8 scholars.

13:25 Stop at McDonalds for a take-away.

13:35 Back at my work-station.

15:30 Leave work with the teen and colleague, Johann.

16:05 Pick up the toddler at the crèche. They tell me that she has been a bit difficult and complaining during the day.

16:15 Drops blind colleague on corner of his street.

16:25 Shop at the nearby Spar. The teen wants blue balloons, scrap book paper and felt-tip pens. We find the felt-tip pens at the Waltons next door.

16:50 Arrive home. Breastfeed the toddler.

17:00 Dries arrives home. He takes out haddock out of the freezer, and puts vegetables in the steamer.

17:15 I feed Mieka a bit of leftover pasta. She eats a little.

17:30 We play with Mieka – crayons and she plays with her “toilet”. She plays for a while in the teen’s room. We watch The Doctors (a fav) in the background!

18:00 We eat. With a glass of red wine! Mieka plays with her food.

18:30 We watch V.

18:40 Mieka falls asleep on the breast.

19:30 We bath the toddler who has woken up again.

19:50 Medicines for the toddler.

20:00 I announces that we are going to bed, and the toddler waves and kisses her Dad.

20:05 I read a book with the toddler.

20:10 I lie down with the toddler on our bed and breastfeed her. She falls asleep, but seems restless.

21:00 I give up and take the toddler downstairs again.

21:10 I blog. Dries spends a bit of time with the toddler.

21:20 Dries takes the toddler upstairs with a bottle.

21:35 Dries comes down again after the toddler had fallen asleep, and we watch some television.

22:30 I take a bath.

22:50 I try to take the toddler to her bed. She cries and I put her on the breast.

23:05 I try again to put her in her own bed. No success!

23:10 We get into bed with Mieka in-between.

(This is not a normal day! But I don’t think we have any “normal” days anymore...)

Have you noticed? I have a Saint for a husband! I couldn’t have done it without him!

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  1. There's no such thing as a 'normal' day. But every day is exhausting in its own special way, isn't it?

  2. I'm going to be brutally honest here (and i know you're not going to like what i'm going to say so feel free to shout at me!!)

    YOu need a routine for the toddler! Bedtime is bedtime. The reason she fusses so much is because she knows she is going to be picked up. Trust me, your lives will be a lot easier.

    And now you can shout. I don't mind. ANd yes, you do have a saint for a husband. I do too, lucky, aren't we?

  3. I read this post and was left exhausted;-D

    For the life of me I cannot even begin to imagine getting up that early and sitting in the traffic for an hour.

    Thank heavens my children are grownups.

  4. Shayne, yes, we are quilty sometimes! Because we don't do the cry thing. But our little toddler was sick this week, and she struggled with a bad post nasal drip. (I had her at the doctor this morning, again.)
    But we also have a fixed routine. Bath at 7. Bed at 8. But when she's sick, it all goes haywire...

  5. Ai, every time they get sick, things get so hectic. Hope today was better.

    We are very strict with bed time - with twins there is no other option.

  6. Thanks for the FF from Java's, Karen. Right back at ya :-)
    Sounds like your days are filled to the brim. Hats off for being a new mom @ 40. You're a gutsy lady!

  7. Can I relate to your blog! I'm 45 and have a 7 year old and an 18 year old. I remember the toddler days-I was divorced-UGH! My days were never normal. I'm a follower...hope you can stop by my blog. Found you on over forty follow friday.

  8. Sounds so familiar!
    Stopping by from over 40.

    Have a great day!

  9. What an exhausting day. Glad to hear it's not typical. Found you from Follow Friday! I'll check back to check in to your hectic life!

  10. Thanks God my kids are all grown up!I can't imagine myself, as busy as 42, I easily get tired :P

    I am following you from Friday Follow 40 And Over. Would appreciate it if you could stop by my blog and follow me back.

  11. Hope the little one is feeling a lot better! I read the teen's post as well and it sounds like she has a good attitude about the SRC disappointment! Good for her!

  12. Sounds just as hectic as mine. Thanx for visiting my blog :)


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