Monday, 30 August 2010

Who steals a garden umbrella?

The weather is like summer here. And weekends translate into being outside and braais(barbeques). We had a patio umbrella the previous weekend.

This weekend it was gone!

Who steals garden umbrellas? It is a very heavy, especially with the metal base. Dries walked around in our complex to see if someone had nicked it. We can’t imagine seeing someone walking out with it under their arms. Not that it would be that strange... Reality is stranger than fiction!

It could have been the garden services on Wednesday. They trimmed our neighbour’s trees, and it’s possible they could have smuggled the umbrella and stand out with the tree branches.

The case of the missing umbrella... Another crime statistic? No, not even worth mentioning here with our large crime levels in South Africa.

Just suck it up! It is very frustrating! It’s not like we have back pocket money on hand to go out and buy a new one immediately...

What has been stolen from you that are worth a lot to you, but not worth going to the police about it?


  1. We have been very fortunate (touch wood) since living in the US nothing has been stolen from our house or garden. But it does happen! There are some areas where crime is bad.

    I was a teenager in South Africa traveling with my parents in Botswana or Zimbabwe and I had some cash saved up working a whole year doing chores and other odd jobs. It was in a handbag on the floor tucked away under layers and layers of clothing! I was looking forward to buying something special with my hard earned money and poof - it was stolen. All gone!

  2. This happened to us a few years ago! The only thing that has been stolen from us in the 24 years we have been living in the same house. I gather that anything that is not bolted down or locked away can be makes me so mad, and I am sure you get mad about this too.

  3. Gee, this is crazy! And they are so expensive. And how did they actually get it out without someone seeing them?

  4. Well where do i begin? When we lived in Cape Townsomeone tried to break the lock off the garage, but haha it was triple locked on the inside aswell! So we replaced the lock on the outside and installed a motion sensor light above the garages, not long and someone again (maybe the same person?) broke the lock again, and when that didn't work they stole the bulb from the motion sensor light! Then we put barbed wire around the yard and not long someone stole all our holiday washing off the line along with our brand new weber braai... unfortuantely the list goes on!


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