Thursday, 18 August 2011

Why are older mothers happier than younger mothers?

I saw the link about happier older moms on Twitter through Flower Power Moms this week.

I totally agree when I compare it with my younger self, and I hear the complaints of younger mothers around me...

I though of a few reasons why I am happier now being an older mother:

  • I am now happier with my personal life than in my twenties! I had to make a few changes (divorce etc.), but I am now contented with my life!
  • I have a partner who helps and does his share!
  • I enjoy my career!
  • I have gotten rid of a lot of negativity, and I do not entertain toxic people!
  • I haven’t completed my bucket list, but it does not bother me!
  • I take responsibility for my life as it is now.
  • I see the little one as a blessing in our lives!
  • I see parenting now as the ultimate goal of my life! I know it is not going to last, and before long she will also leave the nest! (My teen is leaving the nest next year)
  • I am enjoying parenting as much as possible!
  • We are more able to provide financially for the little one than we were young!

What do you think about the statement?
Older moms are happier than younger moms?


  1. I don't know if I fully agree. I think a lot of it depends on the actual person and the way they think.

    I know a lady who is in her 40's with a young child and she absolutely hates hates hates the demands he makes on her time. Granted she digs a lot of holes for herself because of the way she raises him and effectively she's teaching him to be a spoilt brat, but she is constantly complaining about how it drives her insane that it is not all about her. I think she loves her son, but she hates motherhood. I think because she was older she was so set in her ways, so used to the carefree kind of lifestyle that was not dictated by anybody other than what she wants. Now that she has a child she really struggles with how her life changed. I think more often than not she sees motherhood as a prison sentence rather than the blessing it really is.

  2. Thanks for this, Lea. I agree! It depends on the person! :D

  3. I really agree with this. Struggling with my marriage at the moment. Big time.

  4. I really think it depends on the personality of the mom. I should have had mine a tad younger - maybe it's just the twins. I still feel overwhelmed. But then again, at 20 t would have been worse. I do vote for older moms at the end.

  5. I think its more about what you have learnt and where you are.

    I am finding I am a totally different parent with Jack. I am calmer and enjoying the small things with him so much more than with the others.

    I have learnt alot of the things you mentioned but also am so much more confident in my ability to be a parent.

  6. I'm a very very happy older mum! I'm at the right time right place. For all of those reasons. I guess it just depends when you're ready!

  7. Ek was 'n jong mamma...nog nie 19 toe my oudste gebore is nie, en 21 toe my tweede gebore is. Ek hoef maar net te kyk hoeveel ek my kleinkinders geniet om te weet dat ek 'n beter mamma sou gewees het as ek ouer was.


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