Monday, 1 August 2011

Dear Auntie

Why do we always know what the problem is with other people and their relationships, but we can’t see our own relationship mishaps?

Why do we always long for the person we cannot have?

Why do we make fools of ourselves for a person who tells us that they are not interested?

Why do we waste so much of our precious time and thoughts on a person clearly not worthy of it?

Why do we not listen to our friends when they tell us that he/she is no good for us?

Why do we put more value in insights of a psychologist than our own friends and family who has been telling us the truth all along?

Why do we cry over someone not interested?

Why don’t we mourn the “relationship” and move on in life?

Why don’t we open up to new people and possibilities?

Why do we like it so much to cling to our pain bodies?

Why are we such fools in love?


  1. Wow insightful post. Point 2 rings a huge bell for me. I really should let go of the past. Thanks for a wonderful post.


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