Friday, 19 August 2011

Which eye works for the best for a matric dance?

Left eye
Right eye
The matric dance is a month and a half away, and already the Teen is driving me crazy...

The matric dance is the same as the Prom, that final function celebrating the last year of school!

The dress is hanging in the cupboard! (Small miracle!! Thank you Universe!)

It was bought from the shop, as I had meaningfully coaxed her into that direction. I did not have the stomach to have a dress made. I had a few unpleasant experiences myself!

The girls are totally one-track minded by now. They have already consulted the hairdresser for the day, and if I did not say "No!" the make-up artist would also be involved by now!

I have never been to a make-up artist myself, and I feel it is a waste of money!

Tell me if you think I am a bit harsh? Being an older mother sometimes makes me go into fall-back mode of "We never did that when we were young!" I realize it was "ages" (just the other day) ago!

This week a friend's mother practiced the make-up for the girls, and the  result can be seen in the photos above.

Which eye looks the best? The dress is a light blue.

Please help us by voting in the poll on the left side-bar!

The result of the Poll - thanks to those who have voted, and those who let me know: The left eye won by far! (My choice as well ;-) )


  1. Can you post a photo with the dress?

  2. Sorry, my daughter would never forgive me if I put a picture of the dress now... ;-)
    I will have to wait until the end of September!

  3. I like the bottom photo best :-). Ahhh the memories! My mum made my dress - I saw a photo in a magazine and asked my mum to make it like that for me and off we went to Durban looking for something very specific I had in mind. I think it took us the whole day. I didn't have a make-up artist either, but then wasn't much into make-up as it was.

  4. The left eye :) (sorry I couldnt see the vote thing?)

    Looking forward to seeing the dress!

    Enjoy this - its a milestone :)

  5. I like the eye in the top photo. Oh my goodness...there were never money when I was in matric;-)


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