Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Special Women’s Day

I got to spend the day with my youngest daughter. It turned into a very special Women’s Day!

(Hubby had to attend the funeral of a friend’s father, and the teen spend the day with the boyfriend and his family...)

I took the Toddler to Lifestyle, a nursery with restaurants, shops and play areas for children. I promised the Toddler a train ride, and after that we just browsed around...

The Toddler inspected all the water features, the kitsch statues, the plants, and played around in the play area...

All on her terms and on her own time!

I should do more of this and more often with my child...

What did you do on Mother"s Day?

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  1. I find the days where we all 'split up' to be very special. It gives us the opportunity to let our children guide the day without fear of the other children protesting about their choices. I love it. x

    Oh, just noticed - congrats on reaching 100 followers!! Yay you! x

  2. That does sound lovely :)

    I went to a baby shower with not one child - D was on kid duty :) It was nice!

  3. That was specail. We really had the very best of days. Will blog.


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