Sunday, 21 August 2011

Toddler out of the box

At 32 months we are learning about living out of the box... Big time!

We are being challenged on how we perceive and do things! Why we do what we do in the way we do it?

Sometimes we just need to stand still, and think about the “importance” we attach to something.

Only today we had the following out-of-the-box moments:
  • A spoon in a cup of water is a great toy (although it spills all over).
  • Mixing juice with coffee, and then not drinking it...
  • Pasting all the stickers on one page, not each one on a separate page... It looks great to the Toddler!
  • She paints more with the water, than the water paint...

It can become very exasperating, but I (for one) need to examine why I attach importance to some stuff, and just let it go...

Of course the Toddler is even cuter than last month!  We love the new conversations with an even bigger vocabulary!

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  1. She is growing fast in body and personality. :)


  2. She is absolutely adorable!

  3. Dit is wonderlik dat jy al die mylpale hier dagboek. Stel jou voor sy lees dit in later jare...wat 'n groot geskenk sal dit vir haar wees.


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