Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dear Toddler: SLEEP!

Hair bow and coffee
We do not hold this against you:

When you sometimes makes us do the musical chairs on our bed and yours, we do not hold it against you!
When we keep to a strict bedtime routine, but you still do not want to settle...
When we have to drive around at night to get you to sleep...
Even though you are happy to go to sleep with Mom, and later changes your mind, and want Dad to come and sleep with you...
When you do not want to go to sleep...
When we have to switch off all the lights, and you are forced to come to bed...
When you sleep in the middle between us, and we hold onto the edge of the bed, fighting for a bit of blanket...
When you have a bad dream, and do not stop crying in the night...
When you still want to sleep in in the mornings and we have to dress you upside down...
When Dad thinks we are never going to sleep again, although we only had a little bit of upheaval before twelve at night...

When we see that cute little face early in the mornings, we do not hold the sleep issues against you!
All is instantly forgiven!

Luckily we are a team working around the clock. When I give up in despair, your dad steps in! And when he gives up, I am ready to take on the next round!

(This too will pass! This too will pass!)

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  1. Ag ja, you know about our battle...

  2. Oh yes...I do remember that! It is just getting a tad much with Lukie coming to our bed at least 3 times a night. I am sure his parents are happy with this tho;-)

  3. Lynette, I am sure his parents are very happy with the state of affairs! ;-)
    Unfortunately we don't have the grandparents nearby! :-)

  4. I am currently fighting this battle long and hard!

  5. Playing tag team during these nights is VITAL!!


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