Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to survive a queue

After my harrowing experience in a queue for the renewal of my driver’s licence on Monday, I have a few notes on how to survive such a queue.

  • Never go on a Monday to a government department. (Cat at Juggling Act of Life) Especially not when it is between the weekend and a holiday!
  • Do not leave renewals to the last day. Then you don’t have a choice but to stand in the queue.
  • Try to go with a partner or accomplice. One starts to queue while the other one is busy finding out how it works. (There are usually no signs, and nobody to direct you to the correct place.)
  • Ensure that you have water with you.
  • Take food or munchies with you!
  • Take enough change with you to use in the vending machines. (Hopefully there are some!)
  • Take a hat when you are going to stand for hours in the sun.
  • Take a jacket when you stand outside. The wind and shadows can become very cold!
  • Make sure you have enough cash with you. Government Departments are not big on card machines.
  • Make sure you have enough change for payment. Or else you end up paying more because they don’t have change.
  • Take a black pen.
  • Take more than one form in case you make a mistake.
  • Take something to keep you occupied, such as a book. Smartphones also help.
  • Do not take a baby, toddler or children with you.
  • Take tissues (also as a back-up when you have to go to the toilets).
  • Do not get a cocky attitude with any of the staff working at the government department. You will regret it!
  • Smile!


  1. The second to last one is particularly important!!! The second they sense attitude its game over (even if they are wrong)

  2. To be pregnant visibly is a wonderful idea - I went to renew my license 6 month preggers with the boys (I have to admit that I did look about to pop at any moment). Took me 30 minutes in total - the took my right to the front with the full blessing of the rest of the queue.


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