Monday, 1 August 2011

The toddler loves her dogs

No matter how much the dogs have brought havoc in our lives, and changed our thoughts on having pets... (I have blogged a number of times about the dogs as well!)

But the Toddler loves the dogs!
She loves playing with them. She shares her food with them! Even though we tell her not to!
She loves the dogs licking her hands! Even though we tell her not to allow it!
She loves cuddling them!
She is always willing to help with giving them their food!
Now, how can you not love a dog face like that?

In all fairness; the dogs have given us lots of opportunities to learn the Toddler about her behaviour towards living things. Through the dogs we are able to demonstrate respect for all creatures... We teach her compassion and empathy by treating the dogs well!

It needs a much longer post, but in the end I am glad we got the dogs!

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  1. My threenager is terrified of dogs. I don't know why - we try to be cool. I wish she had the same calm around them as your little miss! Such a sweet sight. x

  2. I truly feel that a child growing up without dogs is deprived of a lot of what's great in life.


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