Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monday secret

The Toddler was nowhere to be found this afternoon when I went to pick her up. She was not outside with the rest of the children...

I found her in her class, all on her own! Playing alone.

Sometimes it breaks a mother’s heart when they have to fend all by themselves. I don’t think anything bad or untoward happened, and I am not worried...

But she ran to me, and buried her face in my neck. She was extremely glad to see me on the Monday afternoon!

I wish I do not have to leave her there for so many hours every day!

She did not want to tell us what she was doing there, and the Teen joked that she had swallowed her tongue. Which she promptly stuck out of her mouth!

She’s growing up, and already she has a world I have no part off!

But, it is still the best part of my day as well: Picking up my daughter from day care!

Each and every day!

Photo: Patrick Pretorius Photography

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  1. Sometimes they just need a bit alone time, like we do.

  2. Maybe she just needed to be alone.


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