Thursday, 4 August 2011

Why I steal my toddler’s sweets

and I don’t feel guilty about it… I am doing her a huge favour!

We sometimes give in to the Whine in the shop for a sweet, and I try to help her pick the smallest/ healthiest (? If that is possible) sweet or crisp. Fridays is also Sweets Day at school, where they buy a sweetie bag for R5. It is one of the things that get the Toddler to school in a very bright mood! How can you say “No!” to that?

If at all possible, we do the disappearing trick with some of the sweets! She’s still happy with what she gets! (I hope it lasts for a while! Wink smile)
Or we eat when she’s not around!

I am saving her from large quantities of sugar!
I am saving her from refined foods!
I am saving her from all the extra additives, colourings, preservatives and junk that they put in sweets!

I am saving her one sweet at a time!

That why, whenever there is a sweet to hide or to magically disappear, I don’t have any quilt-ridden thoughts lingering…

I am doing what I am doing for the health of my child!
(Now I need someone to do the same for me! *Hint*)

Do you also “steal” your children’s sweets?


  1. I try not to give Ewan to much sugar and he hasn't got to the whine stage with sweets yet:) He really likes chips so he does a get a small pack about 4 days a week well thats how many are in a strip:) He prefers cheese and tomatoes so I just hope it stays that way. BUT yes when he does have sweets I steal some which really helps with the diet.

  2. We have a lot of party packs from parties - so the kids all have one tub in the kitchen cupboard - they choose a sweet for good behaviour from that (we do for ourselves too ;)) but I very seldom buy sweets. If the tub is full, they have to donate the left overs.

  3. No I dont steal them from them - I HIDE THEM!!!

    I have a sweet addiction (its a problem) so I will buy sweets and hide them so I dont have to share :-p

    Kiara is more a chip kid and Cameron chocolate (which I cant eat)

    They get pocket money now so its hard to stop them buying but I do try gentle persuade to a healthier option!


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