Monday, 29 August 2011

Toddler social faux pas

The Toddler had her own cringe-worthy moment on Saturday when she mistook another dad for her own...

It was at the tiny gymnastics when she backed up into another dad, and did not look behind her, but comfortably stood in the arms of anther person. She even swayed back and forth against him. It was only when his daughter came standing in front of her with a quizzical look on her face, that she realized something was wrong...

We could not help but laugh!

She was extremely embarrassed, and ran into my arms! For the next 15 minutes she did not want to leave our arms, or take part in the gymnastics...

It made me realize that a social faux pas is as embarrassing to them as we would have felt in the same situation. We should be extremely careful in how we handle their embarrassments!

It was good that we helped her to recover. We allowed her to stand in our arms, and we did the exercises with her.

Until she felt confident enough to do it on her own again!

Note to self: Do not make light of her emotions and feelings!
                   Give her the safe space and her own time to bounce back!

Could we have handled in differently with regards laughing at the situation? (It was extremely funny!)
How should we handle it in future?


  1. Oh it happens to all of them at time!

  2. I am sure that you couldn't help yourself when you laughed...most of us would have done the followed it up with lots of love and attention and I am sure she will no longer even remember it.


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