Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Young Lady is eighteen tomorrow! WHAT?

I can't believe that time has flown as quickly as it does! It is a huge cliché which all parents use. (Sorry!)
But it's true!
My little girl is 18 / eighteen / eight plus ten years old tomorrow! Not so little anymore! A young lady now!

[But, it's not about me, and ME getting old! Although, it is!... Help!]

I am so proud of the Young Lady in our midst:

She is such a special person, because she is her own unique individual.
She can make up her mind about things.
She is a very caring soul, who feels deeply for other people.
She is loved by all her friends and family!
She is a responsible lady whom I can trust with important tasks and information.
She is bright, and creative!
She has hope for the future!
She has plans for the future!
She is loving!

I have enjoyed seeing her grow up. I am loving the relationship I have with her as my daughter!
I can't wait for her to enter the new stage in her life when she goes to varsity, and LIFE!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, and that your year will be most special!

I love you!


  1. Beautiful post...your love for her just radiates.

  2. Happy happy Bday to A. May she have the best year ever.

  3. Happy Birthday to the teen:0 Hope you all have a wonderful day with her.

  4. I always remember the birth of the beautiful little baby girl that changed our family's life's. We all love her so much! She is just beautiful inside and out and has the most amazing personality. Can't believe it's 18 years.
    She is the most amazing young lady today! Wish you the best birthday and year ahead.

  5. I think back of when I was 18, and how I wish I knew what I knew now -- then and applied it.

    Happy birthday to your daughter xx

  6. Baie geluk Karen met die pragtige, gebalanseerde dogter wat jy grootgemaak het. Sy is nie net mooi van buite nie, maar meer belangrik baie mooi van binne. So bly sy is so opgewonde oor die toekoms wat voorlĂȘ. Ek is bly vir haar.Mag sy nog baie vreugde vir julle bring.

  7. Happy Birthday to eighteen

  8. Happy happy to a very special lady!!


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